The Silva Mind Control Method.

The man that wrote the book is Jose’ Da Silva. He used to do homework with his kids after school by asking them questions about their subjects and noticed that his little girl was answering the questions before he even asked them. Well, maybe he asked the same questions all the time so she knew them off by heart, unlikely because he goes on to describe the method that he formulated for developing your psychic abilities including healing and foresight. There are anecdotal stories in there that come straight from the people that he trained and I can testify myself that it works having practiced it for 30yrs.

I’m currently in the process of reading it again and would like to give you the opportunity to read it as well, whether just out of curiosity or to add to your current stock of knowledge. It is a very practical book which gives you exercises to start on straight away.

If you would like to read it I have included a free download on this page. Just click the underlined link below to download it. No sign up necessary. Enjoy.


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