Good As Gold- Crystal Clear.

Yes you; are good as Gold and Crystal clear.

In the human body is Gold, along with all the other elements of the earth like Carbon and Oxygen. If you don’t believe me then just google ‘human body gold’ and you’ll find that the average sized human body has about 0.229 mg of gold in it’s makeup.

So, you are not only good as Gold, more, You are Crystal Light . Your body, especially your bones are crystalline and double helical DNA is in the shape of the perfect antenna for sending and receiving information-and everything is information in it’s various forms. Your body is a bio-electrical marvel that emits light and electrical energy as seen in the human aura which is a result of the processes of that energy.


This is the true nature of who we are. So why aren’t most people living as if this is true.

Because they’ve been brainwashed by evil people who know this and want to keep us from realizing who we are. They are the hidden hand behind the world and they are scared and moving quick to shut us down,(cue WW111) and get control over us and the planet before we realize our eternal nature and beautiful, awesome power that is remaking the world in the image of it’s true created intention.

Just look at the incongruity in the world. Why is that so, when the majority of people just want to live peaceably.

When, as David Icke says you “connect all the dots,” you get the big picture.

But, we can change it. Just knowing that you are a magnificently bright, powerful entity, submerged in all that is, has been and ever will be; consciousness having an experience is the start- and end of OZ.

So while the main stream media is telling us to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. We aren’t because he has been exposed as a thief a fraud and a pervert who can only get off by causing pain and misery, which he feeds off.

We are awake and alert actively creating a world of light and Love against which can come no-one.




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